Wednesday, July 17, 2013

K.A.R.I.S.M.A 77

I am aware that I am socially awkward. Hard to smile. And stubborn at times.
But I have charisma, steadfast and I am loyal. I was a platoon leader for Alpha company when I served in the national service. I am the right guy you want on your team to survive any doomsday apocalypse.

My motto is , to dream big, always be grateful and never give up.

Alhamdulillah on July the 9th I finally completed my mission, not as perfect as I have promised but I get the job done.

I always remember that someone who likes to call me a loser. Always motivates me to keep going on and be a winner.

Now I am just a technician. In five years time, operation restaurant tasek indah will be my major success.

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